OdiSEO ver 1.0

Main Features

  • Keyword Analysis. 
    This tool will help you research your keyword. First you need to have csv file (click here for sample) with 2 columns. First column is your keyword and second column is the search demand. You can have this by exporting from Google Adwords Keyword tool. Don’t forget to edit the file so you have the correct 2 columns. Load this file into OdiSEO and process it. The result will be the number of competitor of that keyword. You can easily compare the demand and competitor for the keyword now.
  • On-Page Analysis. Software will crawl your page and give suggestion on how to improve your SEO On-Page
  • Backlink Searcher. Find blogs with specific niche you can comment for backlink
  • Blog commenting. It loads a website, and you can comment easily. There is a comment template you can choose and implement the template to the page.

Other Features

  • Misspelled keyword for PPC
  • Domain availability
Download OdiSEO here.

If you have any question or suggestion feel free to contact us.