Why buying cheap traffic is a scam

Have you ever got an offer to buy cheap traffic? It might offer you 10,000 visits for only $5. Maybe you think you get a great deal. Well if your target is just to increase your website traffic then it is true. But if you think that the traffic will convert then you are wrong.

Cheap traffic has low quality

If you look at its price then you should know that you are getting low quality traffic. $5 for 10,000 visits means 100 visits = $0.05. That is unbelievable. If you advertise at Google Adwords it will be hard for you just to get 1 visit for 5 cents.

How do they do it?

They first buy popunders or paid clicks on get paid to sites with very low price, lower than they charge you. They might be buying 100 visits for $0.01 and sell it to you for $0.05. The traffic will visit your seller webpage, and then he can put iframe in there. These iframe basically open your page and can be hidden so their user can’t see the iframe. This way you will get traffic but there are no people looking at your site. They can put several iframes in the page and make more profit from there. They can buy 100 visits for 5 cents and then put 2 iframe in it. So buy 100 traffics for 5 cents then sell it for 10 cents. It’s a 100% profit.

What to do next?

The best way to gain traffic is by using SEO. Here are some articles about SEO: