If you have a lot of products and want to add them to your online store, we can help you. We know that it is very time consuming to add your products.

First please download the sample zip file here. The file contain a CSV file which you can open with Microsoft Excel and some images. Later please provide us a zip file containing the updated CSV file and your images.

The format of the CSV is as follow:

  • title -> the title of your product (mandatory)
  • description -> full description of your product (mandatory)
  • short_description -> short description of your product (mandatory)
  • category -> category of your product (mandatory). Drink->Cold Drinks|Drink->Hot Drinks. This means the product is in “Cold Drinks” and “Hot Drinks” category and both of them are sub category of “Drink”.
  • stock -> product stock quantity(optional)
  • regular_price -> product’s price (mandatory)
  • sales_prices -> price after discount (optional)
  • weight -> product’s weight (optional)
  • length -> product’s length (optional)
  • width -> product’s width (optional)
  • height-> product’s height (optional)
  • sku -> product SKU (mandatory)
  • picture -> product’s image (optional). For example: product1.jpg|product2.jpg|product3.jpg. Please put product1.jpg, product2.jpg, and product3.jpg in the zip file.
  • tags -> products’ tag (optional). For example: tag1|tag2|tag3
  • tax_status-> Tax status (mandatory). Please enter ‘taxable’ or ‘none’