January 4, 2013 odihost

Why Convert Your Site To WordPress

The question as to why convert website to WordPress is something that many site owners making use of other frameworks often ask and contemplate. This article is an attempt to answer them.

Developing a website physically and from the ground up is not especially tough when the internet site just makes up a couple of web pages. As a website expands, you need a good framework to be able to manage it well enough.

WordPress is by far the leading option for developing and maintaining powerful internet sites due to reasons as under:

  • You can update or add your web content easily without the need to rely on your web developer
  • WordPress is better for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) than other CMS (Content Management System). SEO for WordPress is easy with lots of free SEO plugin. The link structure in WordPress is better. It is an important factor for SEO. Remember better SEO means better chances your website rank higher in search engine and that leads to more sales.
  • WordPress loads faster than other CMS.
  • Lots of free plugins. If you wish to make better use of Facebook and Twitter (or also Pinterest) accounts compared to your web site, then you can do so making use of some of the well known WordPress plugins. They would help you save time and money as by using them you can make cross-posts and other notices at these social networking sites and at other sites pretty easily. You would not have to spend time doing it manually. Similarly, WordPress makes it very convenient to add fresh content with plugins on an automatic basis.
  • It’s the most popular CMS in the market. Meaning it’s easier to find WordPress developer than Joomla or Drupal developer. There are 140 million of WordPress download compared to 30 and 15 million for Joomla and Drupal download. This also mean lots of people out there to help you through any problems you may have. More developer means lower cost and time.
  • It’s easier to use than other CMS like Joomla and Drupal

The above are just a couple of reasons why convert website to WordPress.

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